The rumors were there on the social media stating that WWE is finally putting an end to the tradition of brand-specific PPVs starting from Wrestlemania 34. It was confirmed via an announcement from the official website of the company. The schedule of the PPVs for this year was also disclosed in this official statement.

As per the released note, Wrestlemania will mark the beginning of a brand new season in WWE’s PPV programming. From then onwards, each of the PPV specials on WWE Network will witness Raw and Smackdown superstars performing on the same night. Backlash in May 2018 will be the first such event down the line.

Previously, it was advertised as a Raw-exclusive PPV which has now been converted to a dual-brand event. Also, the company has released the entire schedule of PPVs for the remaining part of 2018 going in total opposite from their earlier tradition. Check out the updates given on,

“After WrestleMania, you’ll get the best of both brands – Raw and SmackDown LIVE – every month, on every pay-per-view. Catch every event streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.”

WrestleMania 34 – April 8, 2018
WWE Backlash – May 6, 2018
WWE Money in the Bank – June 17, 2018
WWE Extreme Rules – July 15, 2018
SummerSlam – Aug. 19, 2018
WWE Hell in a Cell – Sept. 16, 2018
WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs – Oct. 21, 2018
Survivor Series – Nov. 18, 2018
WWE Clash of Champions – Dec. 16, 2018

The tradition of hosting more PPVs started when the brand split was done back in 2016. For the last couple of years, we have got at least 15 PPV events, per year. But, with this new schedule being introduced number of such WWE Network shows will be reduced to 12.

This is likely to favor the programming as well as the fans who were forced to see some repetitive matches on the PPVs as well as on weekly programming. With more star power getting added to the PPV events, each of these shows is likely to be hosted in a bigger way.

Plus, there should not be an issue of less ticket selling, as well. For the past several brand-specific events, WWE failed to fill up the arena despite arranging some major matches on the show. Going forward, this should not be a problem anymore for the creative team.

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