WWE News: ECW veteran to return on Smackdown for the WWE Draft

Arindam Paul / 16 July 2016

As we all know, the split of the WWE main roster will be conducted via the exciting WWE Draft on July 19th on WWE Smackdown, the day it is starting airing live on the USA Network on every Tuesday. The countdown begins as the WWE Draft will determine which superstar and championship are going to stay on which brand. With that being said the pro-wrestling fraternity is buzzing with which superstar will end up on which brand.
A latest is surfaced by a report from dailywrestlingnews.com which says that the ECW veteran, Tommy Dreamer is going to return to action on Smackdown and will be a part of the regular roster starting from the WWE Draft. The report confirmed that Tommy Dreamer was seen backstage while Smackdown was being taped, this week. Though, he did not appear on-screen his backstage presence is a positive indication to work with the company.
It is worth to mention that the ECW legend was released from WWE back in 2010. But, since then he had an on-and-off relationship with the franchise. He appeared in different live events which also includes Raw or Smackdown TV appearances, as well.

He was last seen in WWE last year while he teamed up with the Dudley Boyz and Rhyno to create feud against the Wyatt Family. The feud continued for the month of November-December where these veterans were given with a putting over duty towards the Wyatts. As a result, they ended up losing the feud.
After the rivalry with the Wyatt Family was over, Tommy Dreamer was never seen in television programming but he was seen at various live events and the WWE Network exclusives. He also wrestled a match in the NXT brand, afterward. With these appearances, it is evident that he is on good terms with the company and he may end to be a part of the WWE Draft.

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