The number of WWE PPVs have been increased starting from this year. For the last two years, there were 12 but after the WWE Draft, it was announced there’ll be 19 PPVs. So, we’ll have some brand new PPVs as well as some old PPVs back in the calendar. Now it’s time to get back one more in Road to Wrestlemania.

According to some reports, Elimination Chamber is coming back. As per its early tradition, it is getting back the original slot that is just prior to Wrestlemania. WWE has not officially announced the event but we have got some hints while seeing the advertisements on the WWE Network, which included graphics of the Elimination Chamber.

The devastating steel structure will be back in the month of February 2017. The venue of the arena was the first to announce the event. The Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona gave the following update on their Facebook page.

We are still not confirmed from which brand the PPV will take place but it is supposedly going to be from Smackdown. Previously, Raw was about to get this one but they already got the Hell in a Cell PPV and so now Smackdown will be getting this one.

Plus as we have seen in the past, every time after a dual brand PPV is over, Smackdown is the first one to come with their exclusive PPVs. They don’t have any brand exclusive events until Royal Rumble comes by. So, quite expectedly, Elimination Chamber will be Smackdown-exclusive event. Furthermore, Raw will have the last PPV before Wrestlemania in March and that is WWE Fastlane.

Elimination Chamber is one of the most devastating steel structures originated by the WWE. Previously, it just used to be a special gimmick based match but gradually its popularity got bigger and the WWE came up with the idea of starting a PPV based on the structure. The PPV was last held in 2015.

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