WWE News: Eve Torres Announced Pregnancy In A Strange Manner

WWE News: Eve Torres Announced Pregnancy in a Strange Manner

Eve Torres has been one of the best known female superstars back in the Divas Era.

This was at the start of this decade’s beginning when she gradually started to pick up fame in the WWE with her contemporary names like Michelle McCool, Maria Kanellis, Maryse, Layla, Kelly Kelly and more.

By virtue of these feuds, she went on to become a three-time Divas Champion.

It, in turn, has made Eve Torres, one of the most popular figures in the Divas division back in her heyday. Not only she managed to excel in the wrestling category but also in a role of an on-screen executive. In case you don’t remember, she had acted as the executive for the former Raw general manager, John Laurinaitis for a long time.

Going forward, the former Divas Champion decided to leave the company. It happened in the year 2013 when her contract expired, and she decided not to renew it. Since then, this lady has become a jiu-jitsu instructor that is keeping her busy. Recently an update from WWE.com has confirmed she is going to be a mom, again.

Eve Torres, herself posted a video on her Instagram account in an interesting way about how to avoid creepy hugs. One might not want to see until the end of the video where it was actually revealed that her second baby is coming up. So, a spoiler was attached to it. Check out the updates from the official website of the WWE on this matter,

“The three-time Divas Champion and current jiu-jitsu instructor posted what appeared to be a self-defence video on Instagram, showcasing a variety of techniques for women to employ when they’re trying to turn away an unwanted hug. (Her husband, Rener Gracie, plays the role of the offender and is summarily destroyed.) But what appeared to be the latest in Eve’s series of women’s self-defense lessons takes a charming turn at the end when she announces the imminent arrival of Baby No. 2. And then she puts Rener in an armbar for touching her belly.”

Rener Gracie and Eve Torres got married back in the year 2014. They gave birth to their first child in the name of Raeven Gracie in September of 2015. Now, he is going to be an elder brother, according to this announcement.

Eve was back in the WWE during Wrestlemania 33. She was spotted at the Hall of Fame ceremony. Plus, Kelly Kelly, Maryse and Eve shared screen on the WWE Network for a special episode of Table For 3 which was her last televised appearance.