WWE News: Fan Auctioned Sasha Banks’ Hair on Ebay

Arindam Paul / 04 January 2018

When it comes to the WWE, we often witness some crazy stuff done by the superstars. On each of the televised episodes or even at the house shows, we see them doing funny things to entertain the fans.

Sometimes, even the fans do memorable things for their favourite superstars. Recently, a similar incident took place with a fan of Sasha Banks.

He decided to put up on sale, Sasha Banks’ 100 percent authentic hair on sale on eBay. We often hear about WWE Superstars’ merchandises are up for grabs. But, this time around, the fan surprised the world by coming up with hair of the Legit Boss in the WWE.

It is to be noted that this was the same fan who sold Sasha’s ring worn Connor’s Cure shirt, early in the year. In September, WWE promoted the cancer awareness related to the campaign of Connor’s Cure, and the fans bagged one of the t-shirts belonging to Sasha. This time around, too he guaranteed a hundred percent of authenticity with the following quotes,

“I promise all pieces were pulled from shirt after inspection upon opening. I assure the strands belonged to Sasha Banks on raw 9/18 when she worn this shirt which can be proven by watching or viewing the authenticity of the ring worn t-shirt by WWE.”

This hints the seller was determined to prove that the hair certainly belonged to the four-time WWE Raw women’s champion who did not back out to deliver a Certificate of Authenticity to the buyer. It was auctioned and got sold at a price of $39.99.

The description of the item was listed as stated below. You can visit the given hyperlink to go the eBay site where these WWE superstars’ items are on sale:

“This auction includes two stands of purple hair from WWE superstar Sasha Banks. I found these strands weaved into the Connor’s Cure t-shirt I purchased on WWE auction. I pulled them out and placed in a bag. These are from the 9/18/17 Raw episode when Sasha comes out to block Alexa Bliss from leaving the match against Nia Jax. This auction is for the hair strands only, not the signed ring worn t-shirt.”

Well, this was one of the exceptional occasions where superstars’ authentic thing were put on sale. WWE Shop comes up with plenty of items to be bought but never sold such coveted things possessed by the superstars’ himself or herself.

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