As the backlash towards Roman Reigns looks to become worse day by day, this time it looks like some of the fans just can’t take it anymore. After the negativity that is surrounding the Big Dog ever since he retired the Undertaker from WWE, one of the fans from WWE Universe filed a petition to get Reigns fired from the industry.

The petition was lodged in Change.Org which asserted that the fans are tired of seeing Roman Reigns going even stronger by every week. WWE has been unmoved with their policy with the Samoan Superman and the fans have had enough of it. Here’s what the petition claims:

”Roman Reigns is a lame ass wanna-be wrestler, I don’t get it why WWE keep taunting us fans with “Make Roman Look Strong” thing.
We don’t like Roman Reigns, Fans all around the world booed their guts out, still, WWE pushed him and booked him to defeat The Legend himself “The Undertaker”.

Now the fans are more pissed than ever. But Roman Reigns is still there acting like he deserves this.

This BS needs to be stopped. We don’t want Roman Reigns in WWE.
Fire Roman Reigns.
Sincerely, a wrestling fan.”

Previously, a complaint was given on the same site after Braun Strowman delivered the onslaught attack on Roman Reigns, on this week’s Raw.

The anti-Roman fans might have noticed it and came up with their own agenda. The complaint needs 2500 signs to get noticed and is expected to reach its goal, soon.

Strowman has reacted on the petition filed against him. However, neither WWE nor Reigns have given their views regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, the Big Dog was back in his yard despite suffering an injury. He returned to seek his redemption against Strowman in a live show. The show took place in Providence saw him putting the mountain among men through a table with a huge spear.

It only indicated that Roman’s injury is not for real and he was just selling the wounds. He was also sporting bandages on his left arm to justify WWE’s updates of him suffering a separated shoulder. This means that he will not miss any of the Raw episodes before Payback.

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