After a long time, we might have witnessed something on WWE TV which is not quite appropriate for the ongoing PG Era. It was expected that the match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman will turn out to be the most physical one. But, it went way beyond our imagination.

The match was a slugfest between these two under no disqualification rules where the winner is declared only if one of them gets dragged into the Ambulance and the door is locked. Strowman was the one who was able to do the same to be declared the clear winner of the match.

However, The Big Dog was determined to get a championship opportunity at Summerslam. Hence, he decided to remove the roadblock in his path. He delivered an attack on Strowman from behind and loaded him into the ambulance. He then collided it into a 16-wheeler production truck to cause an accident in the arena. The big man was later rescued by the officials from the vehicle in a blood-covered situation.

Following the incident, the WWE fans have got yet another chance to go after their most hated superstar, Roman Reigns. This time, they filed a petition to arrest the man who claimed that WWE is his yard. The accusation was made at the site.

The petition was directed to the Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle which brought an ‘attempt to murder’ charge against the Big Dog. His actions were violent on Sunday night and his intention was to kill the mountain among men, according to them. The petition needed 500 signs on it to get approved but it has already earned more than 900.

The Guy might have noticed the fan backlash after the PPV concluded and took his twitter handle to address the matter. He mentioned his past comments on the post stating that he repeated his actions as the ‘baddest guy’ in the WWE.

Meanwhile, this incident has made Braun Strowman even more popular among the fans. You can be assured of more cheers reserved for him when the behemoth returns to seek redemption. He might cause Reigns the contenders match scheduled for next week.

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