It looks like the injury season is not letting Finn Balor go. He has just returned to WWE TV on the post-Wrestlemania episode of Monday Night Raw.

At the night of Summerslam 2016, he tore his pectoral muscle during his match with Seth Rollins. He was able to finish off the match though to becoming the first-ever Universal Champion.

But, just after that, he was forced to relinquish the title and was out of action for more than six months. He was medically cleared to compete just prior to Wrestlemania 33 and started performing in the non-televised live events. But, due to lack of storylines for him, he missed the grandest event of the year.

This past week on Raw, Finn Balor was pitted against Jinder Mahal for a singles match. This marked the first ever singles match for him upon his return. Quite expectedly, he emerged victorious after hitting his opponent with the Coup De Grace. But, in the meantime, he might have suffered a concussion.

As reported by Wrestling World News, Balor might have suffered a head concussion after Jinder botched an elbow shot. Take a look at the below posted gif from Pro-wrestling sheet to learn specifically as of how the mishap took place during the match.

If the source is to be believed then this has put an abrupt halt to the plans of WWE creative around The Demon King. If the concussions give him trouble going forward then he might miss the upcoming episode of Raw, as well. He is slated to feature in the Raw-exclusive live events which might be missed, as well.

At this point, it is just a rumour with WWE still not addressing it. In recent times, the company has been facing several lawsuits with the concussions from their former employees.

So, this might be the reason that they have not officially declared Balor’s potential injury.

Also, he has just returned after a long hiatus due to the shoulder injury. So, if he indeed gets sidelined for another significant time, then it would severely damage his career.

There’s no update as of who his next feud is going to be on Raw with the Superstar Shakeup process just being finished. As hinted on television, Bray Wyatt might end up being his first opponent after return. But, first Bray will compete in his rematch against Randy Orton for the WWE championship at WWE Payback.

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