WWE News: Former Champions Returning at the Summerslam PPV

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WWE News: Former Champions Returning at the Summerslam PPV 

WWE News: Former Champions Returning at the Summerslam PPV

The 30th annual Summerslam is scheduled to take place on this Sunday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Considering that this is the biggest event of the summer and the second largest event of the year in WWE Calendar, the company has set up the event with more major hypes and matches. The card is already stacked with a big fatal-4-way main event stored for the night.

Also, Summerslam is quite infamous for shocking returns and outcomes. Over the years, the company has brought back huge names to make this event a successful one. So, this year should not be any exception, either as we can expect some similar outcomes.

It is being reported that two former WWE Divas Champions will be returning on the night. One of them has been the longest reigning Divas Champion, whereas, the other one is said to be retired from in-ring competition. With that being said, the names concerned should be cleared to the readers.

According to the reports from cagesideseats.com, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella known as the Bella Twins will be present at Summerslam. They are supposed to be present at ringside during the John Cena vs Baron Corbin match so that WWE can use them as the star-powers during this bout.

Nikki has been involved in the feud between Cena and Corbin using her twitter handle in the recent past. So, she is expected to make her presence felt in this match by having an altercation with the Lone Wolf. It might hand over the victory for his man, John Cena who will finally be able to end his Summerslam losing streak.

The source also clarified that the primary reason for the Bella Twins to be present in New York is to shoot some segments for the Total Divas seventh season. So, the ringside segment is also supposed to be included into the filming process.

As per their in-ring return schedule, both are undergoing some rigorous training schedule under Daniel Bryan. So, whenever the WWE Creative calls them out on the Smackdown roster, they will be back on the roster. That can start from Summerslam, as well.

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