WWE News: Former Franchise Player Returning On Raw 25th Anniversary

Arindam Paul / 22 December 2017

Hulk Hogan was out of the WWE in the year 2015 following a racism scandal that shocked the WWE Universe. He was seen in a videotape that witnessed him delivering some bad-mouth words to a woman. This was considered to be a sex tape, later that the former franchise player was a part. Once the footage went viral, WWE officially announced to cut all the ties with the Hulk-ster.

At that point, Hulkamania was running wild on the WWE Universe as the Immortal One came back to the company after quite a long hiatus. Plus, he was part of the Wrestlemania PPV causing in an NWO reunion to the much delight of the crowd. Going forward, he was supposed to be an integral part of the company.

But, The Gawker Media leaked the controversial tape and made it quite viral to get him released from the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world. All details of him were removed from WWE website as Vince McMahon wanted to cut all the ties with the star the ruled the pro-wrestling industry, once.

Later, the veteran was able to get released of all the accusations in the court. He sued a heavy amount of money to the Gawker media-house that made the company bankrupt. The final settlement was done outside the court.

Since then, we have heard quite a few rumours of Hulk Hogan will finally be back in the WWE, once again. However, WWE keeps slow pace while dealing with such controversial matter. Hence, we have not seen him back, till date.
In recent times, a positive indication might have been given about his return in a report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The source suggested that the company is considering to bring him back at the Raw 25th anniversary. Numerous legends will be present in the show on that night including the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Kevin Nash. Hogan might be the latest addition to the mix.

Considering that it is going a milestone episode for WWE Raw, it is certain that WWE will pull all the stops to make the night, worth a watch. Hulk Hogan has been the prime superstar on Raw for quite a long time. Hence, we can certainly expect to see him back on WWE TV which will be a much-anticipated return.

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