WWE News: Former WWE Champion To Win 2018 MITB Ladder Match

WWE News: Former WWE Champion to Win 2018 MITB Ladder Match

WWE MITB is shaping up to be a huge PPV. There will be two of the ever-exciting ladder matches on the card.

More title and non-title matches are official to take place on the upcoming Sunday night. The main attraction of the night is going to be the MITB ladder matches, undoubtedly.

Speculations are running high about the upcoming pair of matches. Both men and women’s division superstars will compete in the respective contests.

One from each of the frays will be able to win the match. They will get the opportunity to have a world title match whenever wishing.

Uncertainty is an integral part of this match that makes this exciting. Climbing the ladder and grabbing the briefcase is a thrilling experience, on its own. Once it gets over, the anticipation of a MITB cash-in starts. It has been successful for most of the time crowning new champions.

The current rumours are giving the same update. We will crown a new champion from the men’s division. The Dirty Sheets came up with a huge spoiler in this year’s edition of the MITB ladder match. They predicted that the Miz would be the winner. The officials have already decided him to be come out on top.

We also got a glimpse of further strategies around his future cash-in. The source disclosed The Miz would invoke his championship match clause on AJ Styles. He will become the new WWE Champion by this successful cash-in. These set of events will take place around the Summerslam season.

If this report turns out to be true, then it’s certain that AJ Styles will retain his title at MITB PPV event. He will take on Shinsuke Nakamura over the WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Chances are less that he’d lost the title. He will move onto a new feud against The Miz, next.

The Miz is the best replacement for AJ Styles once he loses the title. The A-lister had held the WWE title for the only time in 2011. He stuck in the mid-card picture for the past few years. Giving him the MITB briefcase and then giving the title, suits his opportunistic personality. We hope to see the WWE Championship prestigious than ever in his trusted shoulder.