WWE Universe surely has not forgotten the Diva named Cameron. She is best known for her performance as part of the “Funcadactyls”. She used to perform during WWE superstar Brodus Clay’s entrance alongside Naomi. The later has emerged to become the new Smackdown women’s champion whereas her partner was lost in the race.

Recently, the former WWE Divas has caught up in an interview session with TMZ where she came up with a controversial confession. Cameron was asked about her relationship status and The Rock’s bid to become the next president of the United States of America.

TMZ was able to catch Cameron outside a hotel where they asked her about her dating preferences. She came up with a straight answer that said she does not like ‘black guys’ at all. The interviewer also asked whether she has dated white guys. In reply, she uttered,
“I love white men. Actually, I don’t date black guys. I just have a thing for white boys.”
She also compared a white guy and a black guy to “a little vanilla, a little chocolate” proceeding to say that these couples produce cute babies.

When Cameron was asked about whether The Rock does have the personality to be the President of the US, she went to say that “The Rock is bomb” and the “whole package” to what it takes to be the most powerful one in the country.
As per her comments, if anyone from the WWE has the guts to become the president, it is certainly none other than the Rock. She delivered yet another controversial statement which stated, The Great One is the “only person from the WWE that has made a name for himself.”

The Diva named with the real name Ariane was a star of the opening season of Total Divas. Going by the happenings on the show, we have learned that she is quite a controversial one who loved to be in the spotlight by taking wrong turns. This led to several fallouts with her fellow stars on the show.

No wonder, why WWE wanted to part ways from her. Last year’s summer, the company declared a statement officially announcing the release of Cameron.

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