WWE: Further Update On The Injury Suffered By Alexa Bliss

WWE: Further Update on the Injury Suffered by Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss
Photo Credit: WWE.

For the last few days, rumours are flying high about a potential injury suffered by Alexa Bliss.

It all began following the Backlash PPV where she competed against Nia Jax. The Wrestlemania rematch against her former best friend was supposed to be a good one. But, it turned out to be a dud, as Nia failed to impress as a babyface.

Due to the storyline progress, Nia Jax was able to defeat Alexa Bliss and retain her championship. Most of the fans might not have liked the decision. Also, the bad news was given to the fans through WWE.com. It was reported that none other the Goddess of the WWE is suffering from an injured shoulder.

It was seen that Alexa Bliss is sitting outside the ring clutching her hands. We have understood that there might be some problems. The official updates from the WWE.com confirmed that. She was scheduled to undergo an evaluation on last week’s edition of WWE Raw.

No update was provided on the show regarding her status leaving us blank on it. Only, the positive indication was that the former champion was seen in the footage where she is willing to compete in the Money in the Bank PPV. It meant that she was okay to compete.

Furthermore, an update was provided on stillrealtous.com on this. It was reported that Alexa Bliss was seen competing in a house show at the ongoing UK tour of the WWE.

She competed against Nia Jax which meant she should be okay. But, her shoulder was black-taped pointing out a minor injury.

Check out the updates from the source,

“Cagesideseats.com notes that Alexa Bliss did wrestle at the first show of WWE’s United Kingdom tour on Wednesday, so it appears that the injury was just part of a storyline, or it wasn’t serious enough for her to be pulled from in-ring competition.”

Also, in recent times, a fan lashed out on Twitter towards Nia Jax for injuring Alexa Bliss. But, the Raw women’s champion hit her back saying her former friend is hiding behind a fake injury.

She is completely okay and doing fine. So, she is expected to return to action on TV tapings, as well.

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