WWE News: Huge Match Announced For Daniel Bryan At Backlash

WWE News: Huge Match Announced for Daniel Bryan at Backlash

Last night’s Smackdown Live was hyped up with the returning Miz TV. The Miz was scheduled to appear on the show for the very first time in more than one year.

As per the request from Daniel Bryan, he was sent to the blue brand of the WWE. So, the dream feud between these two was supposed to pick up from the April 24th edition.

Daniel Bryan was advertised to be the guest on the returning talk show on Smackdown Live. But, it never happened due to Big Cass.

Last week, the heel returned from an injury targeting none other than the most popular figure of the WWE, today. An attack from the back did not allow Bryan to appear on this week’s Smackdown Live.

Instead, Big Cass informed us that the day Daniel Bryan was cleared to compete was the same day when he got cleared to return, as well. But, the whole world was talking about the miraculous comeback of the former world champion. So, he accused Bryan of stealing his spotlight.

The seven-footer vowed to get his payback on the leader of the YES movement. He will make sure Daniel Bryan goes back to where he belongs, that is battered, bruised and retired.

Later, we saw a glimpse of Daniel Bryan at the backstage area and learned why he actually did not show up on Miz TV.

Renee Young was trying to interview Daniel Bryan who was seen with a big ice pack on his shoulder. He confirmed to get blindsided by a cowardly attack. It was none other than Big Cass to do the same against him.

After consulting with the general manager of Smackdown Live, Paige, he has now received a singles contest against Cass.

It was confirmed on WWE.com with the following quotes,

“It was discovered that Bryan had been attacked from behind, an assault that one can only assume came from Cass.
As a result, the still war-torn Bryan asked SmackDown General Manager Paige to set up a match between the two Superstars for WWE Backlash, promising that it won’t matter how big his opponent is when he makes him tap out. Don’t miss WWE Backlash when Big Cass clashes with The Beard, streaming live Sunday, May 6.”

The choice is very good for the creative team to keep Big Cass on the main event scene by pairing him up with Daniel Bryan. For a long time, this man waited for the spotlight.

Now, competing in a match against the most ‘over’ superstar of this generation will certainly help his career to a big extent.

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