It looks like, the Smackdown women’s division is all on the same page just before the Survivor Series PPV where they have to represent their brand against the Raw women’s division.

In recent times, they have been a part of several live events and have shown unity standing side by side. It is a rare occasion where the heels and babyfaces worked together.

However, if that’s not interesting enough to sound, then they made the chinless wonder of the WWE a victim. James Ellsworth fell victim to their wrath in a couple of house shows in recent times, as each one of the women’s roster laid down him with unique finishing manoeuvres to the much delight of the fans present in the arena.

The tradition of beating down Carmella’s pet dog (Ellsworth is portraying this particular role for quite sometimes) started on last week’s Smackdown when Carmella downed him with a superkick after a match against Becky Lynch. Apparently, the other members of the women’s division are also enjoying while beating down the Ellsworth.

In a house show from Milan, Italy, James Ellsworth pleaded Carmella to take him to the ring. To do so, he wanted to grab her hands, but Carmella replied with a push while entering the ring through the ramp. It was just the beginning of a bad day for the man who used to be the mascot for team blue, once.

The other members of the team Smackdown female roster then started hitting James Ellsworth with famous finishing moves by legendary WWE Superstars. Tamina Snuka delivered a huge superkick on him, whereas, Naomi borrowed The Worm move from Scotty 2 Hotty.

Becky Lynch even brought out Mr Socko and put on hold on Ellsworth’s mouth. This one received a big cheer from the crowd. You can check the segment as given in the article.

It was not the only night that Ellsworth suffered this type of misfortune. On another night, he received multiple stunners from the female roster. Apparently, this is an indication of his WWE career in the upcoming days. His time might be coming to an end. We will get to know more on this in the near future.

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