If going by the latest reports, then John Cena is returning tonight for Smackdown Live’s latest edition from Philadelphia. Cena appeared at a recent press conference in Salt Lake Comic Con festival where he was asked why did he leave his armband after his Summerslam match, against AJ Styles?
The 15-time world champion responded by saying that it has some significance to him but the fans will have to wait and see what this actually mean. The fans will get an answer to it in the upcoming weeks.
Following this comment, the veteran journalist Dave Meltzer has reported that the franchise player is all set to return on Smackdown starting from tonight’s edition. John Cena was initially scheduled to miss a couple of months TV tapings according to his earlier schedule. However, he is now being advertised for the No Mercy PPV in the month of October. The Smackdown-exclusive PPV is scheduled to take place on October 9th from Sacramento, California.
Meltzer also confirmed that upon his return Cena is going to haunt his Summerslam opponent, AJ Styles and for his record-breaking 16th World title. But, he is not supposed to earn the title anytime soon since he will again be gone off from TV taping from mid-October. He is due filming the shooting of American Grit TV show’s second season and needs some time off like 2015.

We have seen the last of John Cena in TV taping at the Summerslam PPV. Since then he is off for televised audience. However, he is making regular appearances in the dark matches and the non-televised live events.
Since the day he was gone from TV leaving his armband in the middle of the ring, his fans were all buzzing about his retirement from WWE. Styles have been using that band to symbolize that “he is the face that runs the place”. Apparently, this was nothing but the move to refuel the rivalry between Cena and Styles upon comeback.

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