WWE News: John Cena to Appear at Raw-Exclusive PPV, No Mercy

Arindam Paul / 10 August 2017

John Cena returned to the WWE on 4th of July with the “free agent” status. This allows him to swipe along on both Raw and Smackdown shows as per the creative choices. The logic behind WWE is that he was not present during the Superstar Shakeup process in the month of April. So, he has lost the right to be called only a Smackdown superstar.

In reality, the creative team wants to use him as much as possible on both the shows considering that his days in the WWE are numbered. Hence, they will get limited time to put the franchise player in some marquee matches. This will ensure that we get to see some never-before-seen matches in the WWE, as well.

As reported earlier, John Cena is being advertised to appear at Raw live events even prior to the Summerslam PPV. Once this big event is over, he is likely to appear more for the flagship show event hinting that a brand switch is around the corner for him.

In addition, WWE’s latest advertisements for PPV event might have just confirmed his status as a Raw Superstar. According to the superstar listing on WWE.com, John Cena will be performing on the returning No Mercy PPV in the month of September.


Raw-superstars like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar are being advertised for the event alongside the Cenation leader. This means he will return to his home brand of WWE Raw for an absence of more than a year.

It is to be noted that since the brand split happened, last year, John Cena was performing for the Smackdown Live brand. So, if he appears at the No Mercy PPV then it will be his first-ever Raw-exclusive PPV appearance. It’s no wonder that Cena’s presence will boost the show’s ratings in a huge way.

His advertisements might also be the indication that he will not come out victorious during his match at the Summerslam PPV and will be forced to leave the brand. There’s no confirmation about who is going to be his first opponent following the shift. However, WWE’s listings once again gave hints that Samoa Joe might be the probable one.