In case you are not familiar with the name Johny Mundo, then it is to clarify that he is the one who used to perform in the WWE under the name of John Morrison. Ever since leaving the WWE, he’s been a great asset to the independent circuit. He is one of the top guys that the Lucha Underground promotion possesses.

After leaving WWE in late 2011 he picked up the name of Johny Mundo to perform in the above-mentioned promotion based in Mexico. He was rumoured to return back in the WWE for quite a while but that did not turn out to be the case, till date.

Recently, the former tag team champion appeared on the Colt Cabana’s podcast, Art of Wrestling to discuss the reason behind leaving WWE. As per his words, he was not offered the demands that he made at that time leading him to quit. Check out his statements:

“I wouldn’t say I quit or was released. At the end of 2011, I just didn’t resign. I let my contract run out. They offered me a couple of things. They didn’t offer me what I wanted.” Morrison continued, “I wanted to make a movie and I didn’t want to work 250 days a year.”

Johny Mundo aka Morrison had gone down from a mid card talent to a jobber guy during his last days in the WWE. So, quite expectedly he did not sign a second contract with the company. He went on further to discuss the lack of creative content reserved for him, there:

“That’s one of the reasons I left. I was tired of just kind of being on that express train, whatever you want to call it, so to speak. It just sorts of shoots forward and you have no creative autonomy, no control over your time, and there’s not much time for side projects or family and friends.”

The high-flying man has become a multi-time tag team champion with The Miz. Later, in his solo run, he managed to win the Intercontinental championship, as well. But, despite his agility, he could never cement his main event spot.

He is married to the former Women’s champion Melina. In the recent past, rumours started to fly in stating that Melina might return to the WWE with her partner, again. Even Mundo himself hinted about a certain possibility. We have to wait and see if that happens in the future.

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