For the past few months, there is a trend ongoing in the pro-wrestling circuit to capture the huge market lying in India. The two leading promotions from the United States are trying hard to get noticed in the subcontinent. This is the reason why Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion and Sonjay Dutt from Impact Wrestling is the X-Division Champion.

The latest Indian added to the mix was Kavita Devi who was called to compete at the Mae Young Classic tournament. She has recently competed in her first match in the series against Dakota Kai to make history. She became the first woman wrestler from India to compete in the WWE.

Now, the actual broadcasting of the tournament featuring 32 elite female athletes around the world will begin in the month of August. But, since this is not a live format show, the taping for the event has already been done where Kavita had her first round match up against Kai from New Zealand.

It was basically a contest between strength and in-ring agility. While Kavita brought her raw power into the contest, Kai is famous for her speed inside the ring. In the end, our native girl fell victim to the foreign agility.

The match was thoroughly dominated by Kavita with her powerful moves. At one point, she also slammed Kai to the mat by only one hand. But, as per the eye witnesses, Kai was able to connect with a running kick and a double stomp to pick up the win.

With that being said, our native girl was eliminated from the tournament in the very first round. The Mae Young Classic tournament is being contested under knock out rules which means a single loss will finish the opportunity for a young athlete.

So, Kavita Devi’s journey has ended even before it properly began in the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world. However, there’s still some hope reserved for her since WWE often hires talent for the NXT scene if they can prove their ability, further.

The Singh Brothers have previously competed in the Cruiserweight Classic but they have also got eliminated. But, they have got the chance to work on the main roster as the companions for the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. We have to wait whether the company comes up with the same opportunity for Kavita, as well.

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