It looks like Kevin Owens has got his new opponent even if he is due with his next title match against AJ Styles. He will square off against the Phenomenal One at the upcoming Backlash PPV on May 21st. WWE fans wanted to see these two square off in a ring for a long time making this a dream match.

But, he might have picked up his next fight, much earlier by attacking Tye Dillinger on his twitter handle. The incident occurred after the newest member of Smackdown Live wanted a shot at the United States title.

Dillinger was present with the NXT roster during the NXT live event tour on American West Coast, last week. He competed in series of five live events which was considered as a farewell tour for the extremely popular guy.
The last match was held in San Diego, California after which he cut a live promo in front of the audience. He thanked the NXT audience for supporting him all the way and what he is looking forward to Smackdown Live.

The crowd started chanting “US champ” to him. In reply, Dillinger made it clear that he is coming for the title, sooner by stating,
“Kevin Owens, I’m coming to see ya.”
The two-time US champion sure has noticed that somebody is giving threat to him. Quite expectedly, the prize-fighter did not like it and thrashed Dillinger on his Twitter handle. Check out the strong words that he posted:

Kevin Owens pointed out that next time Dillinger mentions Kevin Owens name he should tell people about how great he is. He also noticed that the “Perfect 10” has come up with a new finishing move.

It is expected that Owens will come out as the victorious one in his match against AJ Styles. He has picked up the gimmick, “The New face of America” and might not lose the title, this early.

After the successful defence, he might end up finding a new opponent in Dillinger. This man is well over with the WWE audience ever since debuting on the blue brand. So, it’s just a matter of time that he receives a big push in his career. So, what better way to start it by challenging Owens for the title?

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