Kevin Owens has established himself as the arrogant brass superstar on the main roster since his debut last year back this time around where he showed up against John Cena and challenged him to a match. Since then he was proved as a ruthless dominant force. The same aggression was seen by him also on NXT. Just months after debuting on the division he went on to backstab his childhood friend Sami Zayn to win the NXT title.
Kevin Owens showed up on Raw during one of the John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenges on RAW, laying out the champion with his pendant pop-up powerbomb and thereby marking his main roster debut. He faced John Cena at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and defeated Cena in a clean way. The rematch took place at WWE Money in The Bank, where he was defeated by the 15-time World Champion causing a rubber match at WWE Battleground.

Since then, Owens has been a part of each of the WWE PPV’s and WWE Network specials. As per the reports of and noted by the announcers during the Extreme Rules PPV, Kevin Owens is the only second active member of the WWE roster to feature in every single pay-per-view main card in his first year on the main roster. The Undertaker was the first and the only one to do so until now.
His heel appeal is so great that Mr. McMahon is greatly impressed by it. So much so that, he even thought of pushing him to the WWE world heavyweight championship picture scenario, in a near future. The Canadian veteran is likely getting the much-deserved push once he is done with his feud against Sami Zayn. The prizefighter was not in the good books of the chairman initially but with his irresistible heel charisma he left Vince McMahon with no choice but to push him further to the upper side of the food chain.

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