According to Dave Meltzer, WWE Diva Lana is facing “nuclear heat” as right now due to the earlier reported Twitter incident.

While speaking to the Wrestling Observer radio, Meltzer doubted if we would ever see her in WWE again though reports are coming that she is in the WWE NXT performance center and training hard for a comeback.

This is because she is facing the heat for the second time in recent times. She had upset Vince Mcmohan and WWE Creative by posting her engagement photos with Rusev in public while she was engaged in an in-ring feud with him. Then this past week she attacked Paige for her actions during RAW and made it personal by saying that she bullied her in NXT. Paige and other Divas fired back as it was a bad move to publish backstage incidents on Twitter.

Lana who was supposed to get a huge Sable like push earlier this year had brought the disgrace upon herself thus.


Added to the list of injury now is the name of Cesaro. WWE has confirmed the injury and reported that he will miss substantial ring time. The injury is in the left shoulder rotator cuff which he is suffering from several months now. After the MRI it was confirmed that he had torn two tendons during his matches and he had left with no option but to take his time off.

His in-ring return is reported to be somewhere between 4-6 months, depending on the surgery and the following rehab. Cesaro quoted that he would love to be back as soon as possible to keep the momentum and expect the “Cesaro Section” to be with him.


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