Brock Lesnar was absent on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, as reported earlier. It is being speculated that he will not make any appearance during this month. The next PPV, Payback will go down without the reigning Universal champion featuring in it.

Ever since he had become champion at Wrestlemania 33, the fans expected that the status of the Universal title will go downwards since it will not be defended until Summerslam season comes around. Brock Lesnar is a prizefighter and charges extra paychecks with the heavy amount for every additional appearance.

Previously, during his first reign as the champion in 2014, he defended the title for only thrice in a span of seven long months. Keeping that in mind, it was safe to say that WWE might not make the title up for grabs until Summerslam. However, fans should be excited with the latest update which states that it is not the case, this time around.

According to the latest reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar will return to television soon to set up his next feud. He is expected to defend his title at the next Raw-exclusive PPV after Payback i.e. Extreme Rules. In case, Lesnar does not appear at the said PPV, then he will definitely be in a match at Bad Blood set to take place in July from Hartford, Connecticut.

The source has also stated that the next Universal championship match will feature Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman. After the confrontation took place between these two, it is being widely speculated that the creative has reserved a huge push for the monster among men.
So, he is a clear favourite to win the next bout against Roman Reigns at Payback. This is likely to be a number one contender’s match after which Strowman would target the Universal championship. Since he is still not much accomplished as a singles star, he might not grab the title.

But, this feud would ensure Bray Wyatt’s entry into the title picture since two of the former member of the Wyatt family would reunite Raw. A Wyatt vs. Lesnar match is a much-anticipated one and WWE might have this one reserved for the Summerslam PPV. At this time, this is nothing but a wild rumour. We would learn more regarding this one as plans for the summer season on Raw will keep unfolding, gradually.

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