WWE News: Mahabali Shera Wins His First Match In The WWE

WWE News: Mahabali Shera Wins his First Match in the WWE

It is no secret that WWE is continuously putting more efforts to make India a bigger market for them.

Taking another step in this process, they have now signed another big name from the Indian wrestling circuit under their wings. He has already started attending the WWE Performance Center.

Mahabali Shera is the man in-concern who is now the newest member of the WWE roster. Hailing from Punjab, India, his real-name is Amanpreet Singh. He is best known for his stint in the TNA aka Impact Wrestling promotion. In 2017, this man came to limelight after winning a tournament hosted by the company.

The Impact Wrestling promotion organised a four-day taping in India with the name, Ring Ka King. Defying all the odds, Mahabali Shera became the RKK World Heavyweight Champion. In the presence of his father and family, he won the Sony SIX Invitational in Mumbai. After that, he had a short stint in the brand before jumping ship to the WWE.

The Indian fans would be happy to hear that he had already made his debut on the NXT brand competing in a house show conducted by the company. To make the moment even more memorable, he picked up the win in his debut match which many of the stars fail to achieve.

The live event took place in Ocala, Florida which witnessed the very first match of Mahabali Shera against a rookie NXT name, Dan Matha.

This win came on a day where the whole India celebrated the colourful festival known as Holi. So, this gained a lot of attention from the social media. The win also indicates that the WWE officials are keeping much faith on this India-born superstar.

Previously, the signing confirmation of Mahabali Shera came with an official statement released by the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world.

From November onwards, Shera’s bio was removed from the website of Impact, as we wondered what might be the next stop for him. Well, the WWE performance center it was.

Now that he had made his debut on the NXT roster, it is likely that he will stay under the banner for quite sometimes to prove his worth. If he is able to impress the creative team on a regular basis, then there should be a huge push reserved for him.