Last night’s WWE Raw was hosted from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The fans in the city are quite infamous for being vocal. The city is being considered for the rowdy fans who always let their demands be known. Quite expectedly, last night was not any exception, either.

There were a couple of dull moments in between the WWE Raw episode and the fans started to shower chants like “boring”, “CM Punk”. The WWE production likes to keep away these chants in the midst of a match to shove the negative reactions from the television. So, they used different camera angles so that these do not get spotted on TV.

However, the negativity reached a height during a match between Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox. It is an unnecessary feud that the creative is extending for weeks after weeks. So, the fans did not intend to watch the match.

As per reports from PWInsider, one of the fans brought out a beach ball and started to play with it along with the crowd. The security prohibited him from bouncing the ball in the middle of the show. But, he carried along forcing the security team to escort him out of the arena.

The fans did not take the incident lightly. They created ruckus even when the cameras were live. But, the production team made it sure the tensions did not harm the tapings. So, we could not realise the moments while watching the episode.

A similar incident took place during a matchup from the Cruiserweight division. Jack Gallagher teamed up with Austin to take on the team of TJP and the champion, Neville. This was another repeated match and the fans started chanting “This is boring”. Even the beach ball was spotted floating in between the contest.

Double-A took his twitter handle to address the disrespectful acts made by the fans. He thanked the WWE Universe from New Jersey in a sarcastic way. Sometimes, these chants really hurt performers who shed blood & sweat inside the ring. WWE intends to take precautions to stop such happenings but it is hard to stop fans’ emotions.

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