Mandy Rose Called Jimmy Uso In A Hotel Room On Smackdown-Naomi

WWE News: Mandy Rose Called Jimmy Uso In A Hotel Room On Smackdown

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Mandy Rose is targeting the Naomi on Smackdown for quite sometimes for some unknown reasons. She does not like the former Smackdown women’s champion and now seemed focused to ruin her marriage life. This why the cunning lady is constantly trying to manipulate Naomi’s husband, Jimmy Uso. Last week, she appeared on the show in a towel trying to woo the Uso twin. This week, her misdeeds might have crossed the limit.

At first, we saw a man handing a box to Jimmy Uso filled up with a present. A letter was inside the box signed by Mandy Rose. Also, a hotel key lock was inside the box that was a clear invitation to him into the room. Jey Uso clearly looked confused and asked his brother what he is going to do. Jimmy had no idea either what to do with the hotel room card.

On the next vignette of the storyline on Smackdown, we saw Sonya Deville having a conversation with Mandy Rose. Sonya asked why she was doing this to Jimmy Uso and Naomi. The Golden Goddess replied that she absolutely despises the former champ who needs to learn a lesson. So she can’t wait to break her marriage. Saying this, she headed towards the hotel room.

Obviously, Jimmy Uso could not resist himself after getting the invitation from Mandy Rose. He entered the hotel room to see the gorgeous lady sitting on a chair wearing a short black robe. She invited Jimmy to come closer. Mandy wanted Jimmy to play hard on this and took off her clothes revealing her undergarments. Uso could not do this and asked her to stop.

A photographer came into the conversation on this Smackdown segment to take a picture of the duo. Mandy Rose reiterated the fact that how much she hates Naomi. These photos and the videos of this hotel room can ruin her life. Jimmy Uso had enough of that and was about to leave the place when Naomi entered the place.

The former Smackdown women’s champion beat the hell out of Mandy Rose right there. Rose hit Naomi with a spear into the bed as the two continued brawling on the floor. Rose threw her off the chair and retreated by escaping the hotel room. Jimmy Uso checked on her wife as she was lying on the floor. Naomi seemed frustrated of not getting enough of Mandy Rose on Smackdown.