Maria Kanellis completes her graduation, likely to join WWE
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WWE News: Maria Kanellis Completes Her Graduation, Likely To Join WWE

It looks like something was holding Maria Kanellis back from returning to the WWE. Going by the speculation, the reason might have been her schooling process.

Earlier this year, the former WWE and TNA superstar declared that she is intending to finish her graduation. She never got the opportunity to finish her studies after getting into the world of pro-wrestling at an early age.

She also added with multiple twitter posts suggesting that she might very well be done with her wrestling career after going back to her roots. In case you don’t know, she and her husband Mike Bennett was under contract with Impact Wrestling promotion for the entire 2016.

The contract came to an end in the month of March and they decided not to renew it parting ways with the company. This has started some serious speculations that the couple is heading to the WWE.

However, Maria Kanellis recently attended an interview and commented on the ongoing speculations of coming back to the WWE. These were her statements:

“News, any news doesn’t ever tell the whole story. It will be an interesting next couple months. What I know is that I’m leaving wrestling soon. I’m not exactly sure when but that’s why I went back to school. I am done in May with my bachelor’s and then I’m on to my master’s degree.”

As you can see from her quotes, she might pursue further studies, going forward. Also, there are some serious rumours going around suggesting that both Maria and Mike have been offered an exclusive WWE deal which is hard to refuse for them, at this point.
To add to the speculations, the former Playboy cover-girl has re-tweeted once of the WWE’s tweets, a few days back. She was also seen promoting her in-ring gears.

The future of Maria Kanellis is still unclear at this point. If you read her below statements then it certainly indicates of a potential return to the squared circle:
“Almost graduated. Almost time to get back to work. I miss your energy and your enthusiasm. Thank you for your patience. Photos coming soon of me in my cap and gown. 11 days till graduation!! It took me 17 years to get here but here we are!! Thank you for the support!!”

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