Last year, this time around, Matt Hardy was reborn with his “Broken” gimmick. The bizarre character was much similar to that of Bray Wyatt in the WWE. Quite obviously fans always compared the two of them leading to the speculations of a possible match in the future.

At that point, Matt Hardy was under contract with the TNA Impact wrestling promotion. So, there was no way that the dream match might have happened. But, they did not stop from getting into a war in twitter.

Now that the Hardyz have been moved to the WWE, there are chances to see this match especially considering both of them being present on Raw. The only problem with the match is the hype would be less without Matt hardy getting back the ‘Broken’ gimmick. As of now, he cannot use it since a legal procedure is going on with the Hardyz and the Impact Wrestling promotion over it.

However, the current tag team champions are pretty positive about the match that must happen, at some point. Recently they spoke to SPORTbible where the possibilities regarding the same were discussed. They clarified that will soon be split to chase the singles title. At one point, they both want to become either the Universal champion or the WWE champion.

Upon getting asked about the probable opponents for him in his singles run, Matt Hardy stated,
“Just for starters, if we get to where we need to be, I think ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy against Bray Wyatt would be an amazing deal, and you look at him [Jeff] – him vs Seth Rollins, him vs Finn Balor, either one of us vs Roman Reigns.”

The Mattitude also stated that there are a lot of superstars that they have not faced since they were gone from the company. So, once they do get separated, there will be some fresh scenarios waiting for them on the roster. There were Matt’s comments:

“There’s a lot of cool, interesting combinations of guys who became stars in the last five or six years that we’ve never worked against, it’s totally like a fresh slate.”

At present, the Hardy Boyz will be facing the Sheamus and Cesaro in a championship rematch at the Extreme Rules PPV. The chances are that they might end up losing the titles. So the process of bringing them as solo performers could start from that point on.

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