The rumor mill is being hit by constant waves of returning rumors in WWE, as of now. It was reported that a number of Divas including Melina and Victoria may be returning to the company. It is basically due to the dearth of Diva talents in the WWE Smackdown roster. While there are a number of fresh talents are up to show off their skills, it will be a great mix of talents with some veterans present in the ring.
Looks like WWE itself thinks the same and published a list of the top 10 hottest free agents in the pro-wrestling industry. The list included names like The Undertaker, The Rock, Nikki Bella, The Great Khali, Mickie James etc.



Now, since all first three names are already under the contract of the WWE, they will show up whenever the company feels they are needed except for Nikki Bella, who is battling a career-threatening injury. This is what WWE posted:
“Do Raw and SmackDown Live have James on the brain?
New blood has invigorated the Women’s division in WWE, but few would argue that seeing a veteran like Mickie James come to Raw or SmackDown Live to square off with the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte or Becky Lynch wouldn’t be a sight to behold.”
As you can see, the name of former WWE Diva Mickie James is highlighted in the text who is now being rumored for a WWE return. The Diva was well accepted both as heel and babyface during her stint. Mickie was a 5 time WWE Women’s champion and 1 time WWE Divas champion which puts her in the veterans list. With Smackdown lacking big names in the Women’s division, it may be the right time to bring her back in the WWE.

Also, mention worthy was the name of the Great Khali who has been a former world heavyweight champion. With her Punjabi colleague Zinder Mahal returning on WWE Raw, WWE Universe would love to see the Punjabi Playboy back for his last stint in the WWE ring. Khali is now busy with his own wrestling promotion in India, right now.

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