WWE News: Multiple Names From Smackdown Live Entered Royal Rumble

Arindam Paul / 11 January 2018

Following this week’s WWE Raw and Smackdown, the Royal Rumble matchups for both men and women have been updated to a big extent. Over on WWE Raw, numerous names like Matt Hardy, Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt officially threw their names into the mix. All of them certainly possess the capability to win the Rumble match from their respective division making it a huge card.

From Smackdown Live too, we have received multiple announcements as to who would be the newest members of the card. Rusev was the first one to enter the match from the blue brand, this week. The former United States Champion is the hot favorite going on in the WWE, right now with the help of his new gimmick.

Despite being the heels, the crowd always seen chanting Rusev Day throughout his segment, each week. This has also made him the highest merchandise selling in the holiday week in 2017. So, a big push is waiting for him, going forward.

In the meantime, the Bulgarian Brute has officially announced that he will be entering the 31st Royal Rumble match making it a Rusev Rumble. He promised to eliminate the 29 other guys and to headline Wrestlemania. Alongside him, his partner Aiden English will also be entering the match as shown on Smackdown. Considering that this match is all about individual performances, it will be interesting to see whether they can bond well.

Apart from these two, a big name decided to enter the Royal Rumble match from the women’s division, as well. On the social media handle of WWE, it was declared that Becky Lynch would make her presence felt in the historic edition of the match. The first Smackdown women’s champion returned last week and made a big impact by taking out the Riott Squad with help from Charlotte and Naomi.

The Irish Lass-kicker was the last one from the Smackdown women’s division to enter the women’s Royal Rumble match. Her appearance in the match was in question after the Riott Squad injured her after arriving at the blue brand. However, the fighting superstar was back in time to work in this prestigious match.