One of the biggest names in the WWE women’s division is Natalya. She is being considered as one of the legendary performers in the company even with her WWE career still running smooth. She belongs to the iconic family of the pro-wrestling industry i.e. of the Hart Dungeon.

Her uncle is one and only Bret ‘The Hitman’ hart whereas her father is Jim Neidhart. She was trained in her childhood by these two earning the genetic superiority. Many considered that she is supposed on the verge of retirement from WWE considering she has already spent almost more than ten years in the company.

But, the Smackdown women’s division is incomplete without Natalya. She has given some top notches matches against her ‘Total Divas’ co-star, Nikki Bella in the recent past. As per plans by the creative she will continue to be part of some more in-ring competitions, going forward.

Meanwhile, Natalya recently appeared in Lillian Garcia’s podcast, “Making Their Way To The Ring” where she revealed that during his uncle Owen Hart’s death, she suffered an eating disorder. This is the very first time that the future Hall of Famer Diva has opened up about such a sensitive topic. In case you don’t know, Alexa Bliss has also suffered from such a disease.

The Queen of the Harts also described the outcomes of the disorder in details. Check out the excerpts here:
“I had an eating disorder when I was eighteen and it lasted for about, I mean they say it never really goes away, but it spanned the course of about three years and in the course of two months after my uncle, Owen died. The summer that my uncle died, I lost forty pounds in two months. And my family was really scared and I remember being very angry at them and thinking like ‘Why are they confronting me?

They should be happy, I look great’. I didn’t realise it until years later how crazy and scary I looked losing that much weight. I was wearing kids clothes and it was a really hard time for me, but I was reeling from the tragedy of my uncle passing away and how that affected my family and also I think because my Dad wasn’t a part of my life because he was working, and busy, and gone.”

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