WWE News: New Singles Championship Coming Up After Wrestlemania

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WWE News: New Singles Championship Coming Up After Wrestlemania 

WWE News: New Singles Championship Coming Up After Wrestlemania

As per the earlier reports, WWE is about to introduce a new pair of titles, once the Wrestlemania season gets over.

This would be the tag team titles for the Cruiserweight division. To boost up the ongoing saga on the 205 Live show, the maximum number of titles will certainly be fruitful. So, a lot is expected from the potential tag teams from this division that can eventually be an asset for the main roster, going forward.

In recent times, another new belt is said to get unveiled. This time around, it’s a singles championship which would be exclusive to a different brand.

According to the reports from PWInsider.com, this title will be reserved for the NXT division. It is likely to serve as a mid-card title in this developmental territory of the company.

Mike Johnson from the source confirmed that he had received insider scoops that suggested that a second singles championship belt will be unveiled on the yellow brand.

If the speculations are to be believed, then it would be called as the NXT North American Championship. A matchup is about to be introduced for the NXT Takeover: New Orleans. So, the first-ever title-holder will be crowned one day before the Wrestlemania PPV.

It is likely to benefit the NXT show to a huge extent since this would be able to match up with the main roster scene. With the inclusion of this secondary title, the brand will now have four major championships under their banner. Plus, keeping a mid-card title will help them to elevate superstars’ level to a big extent.

Meanwhile, more update was given on the Cruiserweight division tag team championships. It would be after a long time that this title would be brought back after getting extinct back in the WCW days.

A new design has been revealed on the social media by BeltFanDan. You can see the preliminary look given in this article. Sttillrealtous.com disclosed details of the belt,

“It’s easy to imagine that there could be way more colour to the titles when they officially debut but it’s a pretty cool sketch, to say the least. It also looks like they’ll stick with side plates that don’t switch out for 205 Live once again which has worked in the past for the show.”

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