WWE News: Nikki Bella leaving John Cena's house in San Diego

WWE News: Nikki Bella Leaving John Cena’s House in San Diego

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John Cena and Nikki Bella had a roller-coaster ride throughout this year. They announced a breakup following this year’s Wrestlemania. The much-hyped marriage of the franchise player of the WWE was off the card, all of a sudden. WWE Universe started to figure out why trouble occurred in their paradise.

We have got to see the exact reason of the breakup on the Total Bellas show. Nikki Bella’s priority was to have a baby and a dream marriage ceremony. Her man seems to be the least interested person in this. He is busy in his life with wrestling and movies.

It’s hard to see him stay away from her for a long time. So Nikki Bella had a good reason to call the relationship off. There was no point to drag it on her own. It became inevitable at one point. Rumours were there that this breakup is just because of the promotion of Total Bellas show.

But it might not be legit as per the recent reports. TMZ Sports gave an update of the current situation between Cena and Nikki Bella.

Apparently, the situation is going in a totally negative direction from that of the earlier thinking. Nikki is thinking of moving out of Cena’s house. Check out the update from the source, (courtesy stillrealtous.com),

“John and Nikki have been attempting to reconcile, but it looks like Nikki will be taking a step away from John. TMZ is reporting that Nikki Bella has started shopping for her own home in the La Jolla area of San Diego. She has been staying at Cena’s house in the area while he’s been travelling to China.”

The same source had previously reported that the couple was trying to sort out the problems. They spent times in Florida where they have a house, too. But the reports mentioned above hint the reconciliation did not go well. So the dream wedding between the two WWE superstars is not happening.

The same source also revealed Nikki Bella is trying to ‘figure herself out’ and get her independence back.

She had already checked a few properties in the picturesque San Diego. Her preferable house will have four bedrooms, good security, and a pool.

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