WWE News: Original plans with Sasha Banks before concussion, surfaces on the internet

Arindam Paul / 03 June 2016

According to many of the WWE veterans, Sasha Banks is the most promising female athlete on the roster. Her popularity is phenomenal and so even though, she is absent in the ring in past couple of months crowds keep chanting her name. Especially now, when they have become totally sick of seeing Charlotte playing her dirty games week after week and no true number one contender is yet to be found.
Now she is trending on the internet since the actual reason for her recent hiatus and plans with her before that has been disclosed. Inquisitr.com reports that Sasha hurt her knee a little bit and since had to take a small hiatus from the ring. When she came back from the injury during the Wrestlemania season, she received a huge pop and keeping that in mind WWE decided to keep her away from TV to build to a long-term story apparently.

Then she was involved in a short storyline with Summer Rae but Summer too, suffered a concussion and that feud got trimmed. Sasha still was working on the live events. In one of those live events saw a referee accidentally hit Sasha in the head with his knee. It was from then when the rumors started running that she is suffering from a head injury. However, it too was suggested as minor concussion as Sasha was set to test the same with a specialist.

Ringsidenews.com suggest that she met with doctors recently and passed all the tests that are required to be cleared before heading back to the ring. This too suggests that the concussion were not really major. If everything turns to be positive then she will be returning to the ring this weekend for WWE live events in Winnipeg and LaCrosse. So, this makes a possibility for her to return to the ring once again, as WWE Women’s champion Charlotte’s number one contender is still not found.

Reports also suggest that there were around her to have a match at the Money in the Bank PPV. Since she had cleared the tests, the plans coming to fruition has great chances. Hence, she should return to in-ring action this upcoming week. Rumor mill suggested that Vince was disappointed with Sasha’s injuries and took her straight as an injury-prone athlete, much like Daniel Bryan. But, Vince should soft down a bit considering the injury-plagued roster in the recent pasts. After all, Sasha can’t be punished for a referee’s fault and should be pushed to the title picture, without further due. The backstage news is that WWE Creative has sketched the plan of crowning Sasha Banks with the WWE Women’s championship at Summerslam where she would beat Charlotte for the title.

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