A major news was broken by TMZ a couple of days ago via an audio tape consisting of the arguments between Alberto Del Rio and Paige. It was able to focus some lights on their recent breakup rumours. From the tape, we could clearly hear that both used abusive languages against each other and also stated to press police charges.

The conversation following with the domestic battery allegations on Del Rio has become a hot topic. Paige surely has noticed this and took her Twitter handle to open up revealing the exact matter that took place at the Orlando International Airport.

She posted a series of tweets including a long one discussing what happened between her and Del Rio on that Sunday. As per her words, they did have some arguments but that was quite normal between the two of them. Cuss words are part of any heated argument and that does not suggest that she is in bad terms with the Mexican Aristocrat. Check out the tweets, here:

Paige mentioned that situations got worse since a third person got involved in the scene. She was allegedly inserted into the picture not minding her own business. That infuriated Del Rio and the matter was handed to Orlando police department.

However, this is the same third party who has been able to leak the audio tape on TMZ. Recently, she has spoken to Heavy.com and gave some otherwise statements about that day’s incidents.

The lady eyewitness revealed that Paige and Del Rio were arguing at the top of their voice over a PED matter. Apparently, the former WWE Champion was in cocaine for the last couple of days which made Paige go mad at her. She threw a drink on her face and walked off, whereas, Del Rio wanted to put the blame on the third party present. This was their likely conversation:

Paige: “You’re so abusive to me”

Del Rio: “Check her bag, she’s got all of the coke in it. It’s her’s.”

The whole matter is now under investigation by the Orlando Police Department and they are likely to reach a conclusion in the next few days. Until then, Del Rio is suspended from the GFW promotion.

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