WWE: Paul Heyman Revealed He’s Proud Of Roman Reigns

WWE: Paul Heyman Revealed He’s Proud of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Photo Credit: WWE.

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns are the two opposite characters in the WWE. As far as the on-screen characteristics to go by, the latter one plays the role of a polarising babyface.

On the other hand, Heyman is a bonafide heel. The fans might not like him being the face of the company, but there’s no doubt about his work-ethics.

Whatever the show is, Roman Reigns is the must-see name on the card. It helps to sell out the event be it televised or non-televised. It proves that he always remains the biggest draw of the evening.

Quite obviously, this makes him the franchise player of the company. Also, he is the new leader of the locker room area after John Cena and Undertaker.

On the other hand, Paul Heyman plays the role of a conniving advocate who can cross limits for the betterment of his client. Brock Lesnar has been the constant name under his banner, whereas, in the past few years we have seen, Ryback, Curtis Axel, CM Punk and Cesaro getting aligned with him just to get elevated to the roster.

There’s no denying Heyman, WWE veteran helped most of the younger talents. Apart from the negative on-screen role played by him, he is a true mentor to most of the superstars present on the current roster.

While noting on this, Paul Heyman spoke about the locker-room leadership quality of Roman Reigns. For years now, this duty was on the shoulder of The Undertaker who used to communicate with Vince McMahon if anyone is having problems around. Roman Reigns now do the same.

So, Paul Heyman admitted whatever the fans do think about the Big Dog, there’s no one quite like him at the backstage. He has earned the respect of each of the superstars of the locker room.

It was Heyman’s reaction in the interview conducted by NOLA.com,

“I very much like the fact that Roman Reigns has accepted the responsibility of being the leader of the locker room. He has assumed the mantle of being the conscience of the roster. Having seen him grow up in and around this business, I’m very proud of Roman Reigns.”

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