WWE News: Planning of the Brock Lesnar-Shane McMahon feud

Arindam Paul / 29 August 2016

Brock Lesnar hurt Randy Orton apart in their match at Summerslam creating mayhem inside the ring. Orton was left in a pool of blood and the referee had no choice but to call off the match. Lesnar was given with the win, via TKO. As per the reports, Orton got busted open with Lesnar’s elbow right into Orton’s head. He had received 10 stitches in his head after the match.
Lesnar created havoc inside the ring in this PG Era. He went too far and beyond the script while attacking Orton. Even Smackdown general Manager, Shane McMahon was not spared
During the end of the match, Shane McMahon ran into the ring to protect Randy from Lesnar but end up eating a vicious F-5. That led to the birth of the rumor of an upcoming feud between the two of them. WWE creative too, have sketched the initial plan to have a match between the two of them at next year’s Royal Rumble PPV.
However, the fresh plan is quite different. They don’t want Lesnar to go after Shane immediately once he shows up the next time. Instead, Lesnar would clash with another superstar before getting to Shane, according to DailyWrestlingNews.com. The superstar is still not confirmed.

The source also suggests that Shane himself will choose a superstar to face the beast incarnate upon return. The match is supposed to take place at the Royal Rumble PPV. It is still not clear how Lesnar is going to be involved in a match on Smackdown as he belongs to the Raw roster. Lesnar is expected to be back once the build up for Royal Rumble gets underway.
Once Royal Rumble is done Lesnar will focus on Shane-O-Mac which means the match between them will take place at next year’s Wrestlemania.
Orton is supposed to be the mentioned mystery opponent for Lesnar. After their match got called off at Summerslam a rematch is bound to happen at some point. Lesnar is fined with $500 by Stephanie McMahon and is on a temporary hiatus, as of now.