At Wrestlemania 33, Randy Orton came out victorious in his match against Bray Wyatt. He also walked out of the Citrus Bowl as the brand new WWE champion. This is the 13th time that he is holding the title. While many consider that with this move, WWE is burying a talent like Bray Wyatt, Vince McMahon is high on the trusted employee of the company who’s been around for almost two decades now.

The first time Randy Orton will defend his title will be in a House of Horrors match against Wyatt. This will be a Wrestlemania rematch to take place at the Payback PPV on April 30th.

Now, as we all know, Bray Wyatt has been shifted to Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shakeup. So, once this match is done, he will be seen only on Raw. Quite expectedly, Randy would come up victorious in this match to retain his championship and keep the prime title of the WWE on Smackdown. He would move forward to defend this against a newer opponent.
Recently, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter has given some hints as of how WWE Creative might sketch the championship plans around the big PPV of the summer i.e. Summerslam.

While many thought that AJ Styles is probably going to be the one who would claim the contender’s spot for challenging Orton, Meltzer stated that it would be Baron Corbin. The veteran journalist suggested that Styles would involve in another great rivalry with Kevin Owens from this point on for the United States championship.

Some pointed out the potential inclusion of Nakamura, as well. But, Meltzer stated that the creative still does not consider him on the main event spotlight and hence he will be kept in on the mid-card level, for now. That leaves with only one choice, the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin.

Many might be disappointed by the fact that Corbin is being promoted to the main event spot, earlier than thought. He had a lacklustre storyline with Dean Ambrose which he eventually won since the creative being high on him. Now that Ambrose is drafted to Raw, he would eye the WWE title and might grab it at or before Summerslam.

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