John Cena has already tweeted that he would return to the ring on the Memorial Day episode of RAW on 30th May, waving a polarizing breeze to the pro-wrestling fans. With rumors surrounding the internet with Cena’s return, it was evident that John Cena was coming back early and he announced the same in his Twitter handle.
The Cenation Leader’s return has created much anticipation among the wrestling fraternity and especially considering it’s happening just one week after the much-hyped return of Seth Rollins. The fans also expect the Apex Predator of the WWE i.e. Randy Orton to get back into the ring in June.

Now, there’s been no concrete news about John Cena’s probable opponent upon his return which keeps on the rumor mill going at a full speed. The pro-wrestling community is buzzing with whom he will feud with on the next edition of Monday Night Raw. Apparently has got some clues for us.

As per their report, Cena will pick up with the opponent with whom he left off. He will square off against none other than Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio returned to WWE last October at Hell in a Cell and dethroned Cena from his US title reign. also suggests that Del Rio has been scheduled to face the 15 time WWE World Heavyweight champion in the upcoming live events around the summer season, which makes the feud even more realistic. So, with these two sources confirming the same news, we are pretty sure of seeing the rivalry renewing between them.

Cena was absent from WWE due to a shoulder injury suffered by him in the month of January when he tore his rotator cuff during a match with Alberto Del Rio at a live event. The franchise of WWE had undergone surgery for the same which kept him shelved since then.
Cena and Del Rio both are supposed to feature in the next season of the Total Divas. Whereas Cena is a regular face on the show Del Rio is rumored to join the cast as he was seen getting cozy with WWE Diva Paige, just days before, which supposedly is a publicity stunt for the show. The rivalry between them too will be used for the same purpose.

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