WWE News: Possible planning for the Universal Championship from now on

Arindam Paul / 01 September 2016

We have seen a new champion crowning on Raw after a blockbuster fatal-4-way championship match which was contested in an elimination capacity. The crowd got shocked with the happenings towards the end. Triple H made a triumphant return hit a pedigree to Reigns and make the match one-on-one with Rollins and Owens remaining.
When everyone thought he would hand Rollins the victory, he turned on him by hitting a Pedigree. All that Kevin Owens had to do is cover Rollins and becoming the new WWE Universal Champion. The fans though loved these turn of events and showered appreciation after Owens’ victory.
Within hours of the championship match, it was announced that Owens will defend his championship against Rollins at the Clash of the Championship PPV. Now, it’s awkward that we will see two heels fighting it out for the championship. Hence it’s time for Rollins to turn face, probably.

These two will build up a feud for the upcoming weeks with Triple H in the mix. From now on, the COO of the company will be a regular face on Raw and the main events. His motto will be to prevent Rollins from regaining the title.
As for Rollins, WWE will turn him babyface to establish him as the face of the company. Rollins was not seen with his face character and the audience will be thrilled to see it.
Triple H will be doing his job to back up Owens, much like what he has done previously for Rollins. The Game was absent from the main event scenes since his main event against Reigns at Wrestlemania 32. His main motto would be to cement the heel character of Owens. The Canadian Owens is a natural heel character and his association with Triple H should be a treat to the fans.