WWE News: Randy Orton clears the fog about his return

Arindam Paul / 07 April 2016

One of all time greats i.e. WWE’s Apex Predator, Randy Orton has been sidelined from the ring from last October 2015 due to injury. There have been constant rumors over the exact injury reason. WWE has never issued any formal statement on his injury and return. SO, the rumors kept on going.
Rumors also suggested that Randy Orton had dislocated his shoulder simply when he was taking out the trash off his house! Recently, Orton appeared on the WWE Hall of Fame red Carpet event where he addressed the situation. He also gave an interview with the Afterbuzz TV where he cleared the mystique surrounding his injury.

Randy stated that his injury has occurred due to a match hold in October in Chicago. He also underwent a surgery which was much similar that of the Rugby players. Here’s what he stated, “I had a match October in Chicago. My shoulder got stretched back, and I had a repair 12 years ago that was destroyed. I had a little pain, got an MRI and was told (they) had to fix my shoulder again,” Orton stated about his injury. “I had a new guy do it and had a stabilization done that they do to rugby players get, and they’re some tough customers.”
Orton was also asked about his much-anticipated return to the WWE Hall of fame ceremony and he had some tricky answers which were as follows, “A couple months, maybe 3-4, 2 weeks. Maybe there’s an RKO out of nowhere. I’m not quite ready to be back on the road,” Orton said to the interviewer. “I still have 5-10 years left, but who knows? I feel like I’m nowhere near done.”
As the viper’s fan, we can only imagine what Randy could bring to the table at Wrestlemania. An RKO out of nowhere would have made the grandest stage look even bigger. Going by his words and considering that he was spotted at the Hall of Fame ceremony without a sling in his shoulder, he is going to return to the ring by the end of this month or the next.

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