One of all time greats i.e. WWE’s Apex Predator, Randy Orton has been sidelined from the ring from last October 2015 due to injury. There have been constant rumors over the exact injury reason. WWE has never issued any formal statement on his injury and return which kept the rumor mill going on speculating his injury and his possible return date.
Though, in some recent reports and interviews Randy himself, acknowledges about the actual cause of the injury stating that his injury has occurred due to a match held in October in Chicago. He also underwent a surgery which was much similar that of the Rugby players. With Vince McMahon mentioning Orton returning in June, we can definitely expect him, very soon. During the hiatus Orton kept a low profile, almost hiding from the public for the entire time except the Hall of Fame appearance.

Meanwhile, Randall Keith Orton himself took his Twitter handle to break the silence and commented on multiple topics including his return. He was responding to the questioned asked by the fans and commented about his return by saying he is coming back into the action “sooner than later.”

He was also asked about the latest phenomenal addition to the WWE Roster i.e. AJ Styles and said that he is standout guy to be included to the roster.

The 12 time WWE World Heavyweight champion was also asked about Cody Rhodes aka Stardust who was introduced to WWE with Randy Orton forming a group called “The Legacy” and just got released by the company. He expressed his sadness about the Cody’s release who was a true friend for him at workplace. previously reported that Randy Orton and his wife Kim Marie are expecting a child and it’s a baby girl. Kim is due in November and let the world know about it via her Twitter handle.

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