It was after this year’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view when WWE Universe has witnessed one of the most disgusting incidents in the company’s history. Charlotte dismissed her father from the mentor’s position. She did it the most pathetic mean possible causing Ric Flair departing with watery eyes.
From that night Dana Brooke was appointed as Charlotte’s own protégé. Dana has previously helped Charlotte to retain her Women’s championship against Natalya and was awarded thus. The pair seemed quite odd as the rookie was placed in Ric’s position.
Report from suggests that considering the fact that Ric Flair was stealing the spotlight from Charlotte it was a creative reason to remove the legend from the TV tapings. The dismissal segment was to cement Charlotte as the dirtiest way possible in the locker room whereas the Creative and talent relation thinks Dana Brooke has all the tools to become a future champion.

Since she is new on the roster the partnership with Charlotte will help her to stand on her own. The Creative thought that Charlotte will help her to be the next top heel in the company and with some backstage support from Ric Flair, who got nixed from on-screen from that point onwards.
Dana debuted in the main roster as a pair of Emma who got injured and had to undergo surgery. After the unfortunate incident it was rumored that Dana will continue to do the heel acts with Eva Marie but at the end, she was teamed with the current champion, Charlotte.
Last month on Raw, we have seen Charlotte parting her ways with her father, Ric Flair who had been in the champion’s corner during her entire championship reign. So, the break up with his father amused the whole WWE Universe. Charlotte decided to release Naitch from his duties in the nastiest way possible by saying towards her father “You are immortal to them. But to me you are dead.”

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