The pro-wrestling circuit is heated up with the potential news of Neville leaving the WWE. As reported earlier on the Raw episode from Indianapolis, he decided to walk out of the show for not being satisfied with the creative planning around him. He was frustrated for Enzo Amore being handed the Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy PPV from him.

Also, a rematch was scheduled between the two for the championship. As per the script, he was scheduled to digest another loss at the hands of the Certified G. So; he decided to leave the building. Later, the rumour mill suggested that the man that gravity forgot might have asked his leave from the WWE.

Although, the happening around this case is suggesting that the new is true, legit. WWE officials have always ignored it and did not want to give an update on the news. Rather, they denied of this incredible performer wanting to leave the biggest pro-wrestling promotion.

A recent report was published on by Mike Johnson where a further clarification was made as of why Neville might have asked for the leave. The reason is quite similar to that of Drew McIntyre wanting to depart, as well in 2014. He wanted to make a name for himself by performing in the independent scene and then come back, again when his relevance is proven.

Right now, McIntyre has come back to the NXT promotion and grabbed the NXT Championship from Bobby Roode during the Summerslam weekend. Neville, too, is looking for a career boost up, right now by leaving the WWE and joining some other promotion to prove his dominance.

Needless to say, that the British superstar is considered to be one of the most gifted athletes inside the squared circle. But, he never got the recognition that he deserved after coming to the WWE. A roster like Cruiserweight division was not worthy for a benchmark performer like him.

According to the source, the New Japan pro-wrestling would love to take him back under their wings to make some money. Also, Ring of Honor wished to have him back on their side, as well. If he leaves WWE, then there are plenty of endeavours waiting for him, indeed.

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