It was quite surprising to witness a title change at a live event of the WWE. In general, WWE holds these kinds of house shows in different cities in order to entertain the fans. No fallouts or storyline purposes are attached to these events. On every occasion in the championship matches, the champions retain their title. So, the crowd was shocked after Styles pulled off a sudden victory by pinning the former champion, Kevin Owens.

On last Friday Night’s event, WWE arranged a special house show featuring both Raw and Smackdown superstars. It was a dual brand event in order to present a blockbuster show for the crowd at the infamous arena, Madison Square Garden in the New York City.

In one of the main events, AJ Styles squared off against Kevin Owens in a singles contest for the United States Championship. During the finishing moments, the Challenger connected with Styles Clash following with the Phenomenal Forearm to dethrone the champion. Also, he replaced the Face of America from then onwards.

Now, the question is running rampant on every fan’s mind that why WWE would arrange a title change in a house show which is not a televised show. To address the situation, the reliable source, Dirty Sheets Podcast came up with an update on their Youtube channel which suggested that the Creative Team wanted to crown AJ Styles with the championship in order to include the moment in his DVD.

The DVD will contain glorious moments of Styles’ WWE career since arriving at the company in 2016 Royal Rumble. The presenters do want to portray him as one of the great champions of all time. Hence, putting up with the title will allow them to film some more championship matches around him. It has been nine months since he won the WWE Champion back at last year’s Backlash PPV.

It is being assumed that the in-process DVD is set to launch during the end of this year, probably in December. But, such things need a lot of post-productions before it is released. So, they would not get enough time to film Styles as the WWE US Champion if he does not wear the belt, thus early. It is certain that the “face that runs the place” will make take the prestige of the US title to a new level, going forward.

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