A fresh feud was started on Smackdown Live between the Miz and Dean Ambrose over the intercontinental championship after Ambrose was done with AJ Styles. This happened during the end of 2016 which was able to earn much appreciation from the audience due to the involvements of their real-life partners into the storyline.

Renee Young was the one to create the storyline after he slapped the Miz for making personal comments with Dean Ambrose. They were dating each other ever since 2015 but it was never acknowledged on WWE TV until then. After this incident, Maryse was bound to involve into it creating some altercation at the backstage with the WWE announcer.

These involvements made the feud much interesting and WWE Universe talking about it, every week. This was also one of the reasons why Smackdown emerged victorious in rating compared to Raw during that point.
But, things among them witnessed an unexpected halt after Ambrose took the IC title away from the A-lister. It looked like The Miz will continue with his vendetta against the Lunatic fringe to carry the feud forward but that never happened.

As per latest reports from Dave Meltzer, WWE creative has scrapped the storyline and it will not be continued, anymore. This was done intentionally even if the creative was aware of the fact that the audience loved to see the feud. It was due to the involvement of the personal life issues which was brought into a storyline after a long time.

There was no concrete reason dictated by the veteran journalist as for why the creative has moved on and canceled the angle. As per the speculations, the Royal Rumble match and the Elimination Chamber PPV was the supposed reason behind that. Both, the Miz and Dena Ambrose were involved into these matches which have not earned them anything.
With Meltzer confirming there are fewer chances to see this match again at Wrestlemania. Ambrose might get AJ Styles as his Wrestlemania opponent to defend his IC title.

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