It might have come to a shock to many around the WWE universe that Jinder Mahal got a shot to the WWE championship. He was literally lost in random storylines and by featuring in a jobber role for years now. It was in the year 2009 when he first signed with the company and made his main roster debut in 2012.

His fellow Indian, The Great Khali was still working for the company at that point and he tried to earn a name for himself by featuring him. But, that did not help him as he was sidelined soon and later got released in the year 2014.
Jinder Mahal was back last year around the WWE Draft by signing a second deal with the company. He suffered the same lacklustre plots from earlier on Raw. However, he was drafted to Smackdown Live during the Superstar Shakeup and things have drastically changed for him, since then.

A major push is kept reserved for him in the near future as he will be established as one of the major heels on the Smackdown roster. A dominant faction will be formed with Jinder getting his real-life brothers, The Bollywood Boyz by his side, on-screen.
Apparently, there’s big reason why Jinder is getting this abrupt push, all of a sudden. WWE has understood the opportunities lying in the Indian market. They are targeting the audience from the subcontinent. This is the reason they have already made the WWE Network and available in our country.

The only needed thing was a major superstar from this country who the Indians can look up to. Jinder would fill the void that was left ever since the Great Khali left WWE. So, we can expect WWE catching the Indian market with merchandises of Jinder and the Bollywood Boyz, soon.
As per reports from wrestling, Sheetesh Srivastava was appointed as the General Manager of the company for the Indian region. He will be officiating things with the promotional activities, live events held here, in the near future.

This man was worked with Walt Disney India, previously and hence has a plenty of experience with him. WWE is intending to make the full use of him.
Meanwhile, Jinder would receive his very first WWE title opportunity at next month’s Backlash PPV. This would be the first Smackdown-exclusive PPV after Wrestlemania where he is expected to challenge the Apex Predator of the WWE, Randy Orton.

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