Stephanie McMahon has been off from WWE television ever since Wrestlemania season is gone. As per the storyline, she has been hurt after going through the table during the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H. She was seen involving into the match for several occasions trying to provide distractions for the Architect.

Rollins then connected with an Enziguiri to Triple H. He then bumped into Stephanie who was standing on the ring apron at that point. This caused her to fall through the table which was put beside the ring. The bump was nasty enough as projected on the television but that did not hurt Stephanie, legit.

It was done for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the segment would have earned a massive pop from the crowd. The Raw commissioner is a bonafide heel on WWE television. So, whenever she gets hurt or insulted, the crowd likes to cheer for it. In case you forgot, she also took a huge spear from Roman Reigns during the Wrestlemania 32 match, as well.
This year though, the bump was planned for an additional reason. As confirmed by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Stephanie McMahon was scheduled to go on a vacation, once Wrestlemania is over. So, this was a way to keep her off from WWE TV, from a storyline perspective.

In her absence, Raw needed a show-runner and hence, Vince McMahon named a new General Manager for the show, Kurt Angle. He is expected to run things until the commissioner returns to television in near future.
There’s still no update as of when ‘the billion dollar princess’ would make the inevitable come back. But, it should not take longer. The Payback PPV is only a two weeks away and Kurt Angle will be setting things uprightly until then. Probably, she will return to take things under control after it’s over.

Right after her return happens, it’s evident that she will go after Seth Rollins who is the reason behind going through the table. Also, an interesting storyline should be created with her ex-flame, Kurt Angle. This should bring Triple H into the mix, as well to recreate an old rivalry.

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