A quite interesting footage has been spread on the internet for the past couple of days. It was the WWE Championship match at Backlash PPV between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal.

In those snapshots, it’s clear that The Viper’s shoulder was up while the referee was counting 1-2-3 for the pin.

The rule to get pinned in a match is to keep your opponent’s shoulder down till the referee counts 3. But, since this time Orton’s shoulder was up, he should not have lost the match. But, pro-wrestling goes around with the logic where “anything is legal” declared by the official. If the referee had not seen it means it did not take place, either.

Nevertheless, Randy Orton would get his opportunity to regain his title and become a 14-time world champion at this upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. He has invoked the rematch clause and will be granted one at the upcoming Smackdown-exclusive PPV.

In case you don’t know, this year the event will be hosted from the hometown of Randy Orton i.e. St. Louis. Missouri. This might turn out to be a major deciding factor heading into the match.

In recent times, whenever a certain superstar has gone on to have a match in his or her hometown in Raw, Smackdown or PPVs, they have ended up on the losing side. This is Vince McMahon’s motto of building more sympathy for the hometown favourite one.

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For example, Sasha Banks lost the first-ever Hell in a Cell match in her hometown of Boston giving a major shock to the world. The same happened when Charlotte lost a Falls Count Anywhere match against Sasha in Charlotte hometown, North Carolina.

In recent times, the tradition continued when Alexa Bliss ruined the homecoming party for Bayley. WWE returned to San Jose with a PPV after a long time. But, The Hugger lost the championship match against Bliss making her the first-ever Raw and Smackdown women’s champion.

The same rule will be applicable for Randy Orton, too as he would suffer yet another loss to The Maharaja. Plus, Jinder is the hottest property in today’s sports entertainment. People still did not get over fully from his shocking title win. So, there’s no way that WWE is going to ruin the momentum by letting him drop the title at Money in the Bank.

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