WWE News: Results From Co-branded Special WWE MSG Event

WWE News: Results from Co-branded Special WWE MSG Event

WWE was back in the iconic venue of Madison Square Garden, last night to give the fans a memorable night.

Especially considering this is the Wrestlemania season, numerous part-timers were present on the show like Brock Lesnar, Kane, John Cena, Nikki Bella and more. Plus, both the brand, Raw and Smackdown Live took part in it to make it worth the watch.

The kick-off of the night happened where AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura were supposed to team up against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. But, the WWE Champion was attacked by the heels prior to the match.

An injury angle was created where AJ was taken to the back with the help of the backstage officials.

So, the 2018 Royal Rumble winner was forced to compete at MSG, solo against Kevin Owens. At one point, the Artist suffered the same wrath of Owens and Zayn in the middle of the ring which forced AJ Styles to show up once again to clean house. The match got disqualified, but the audience got a treat to see Nakamura and Styles standing on the same page.

A notable return happened at the MSG event which witnessed Nikki Bella teaming up with John Cena. It was her second match following last year’s Wrestlemania event.

Early this year, she had a memorable appearance at the Women’s Royal Rumble match where she finished as the runner-up.

The real-life couple received a huge pop from the crowd who were chanting, “Let’s go Cena, Nikki, too”. They took on against Elias and Sonya Deville. Originally, Bayley was supposed to pair up with Elias.

At one point, Sonya delivered a right hand on Cena which was the highlight of the match.

Later, Cena and Nikki started rolling delivering stereo five-knuckle shuffles to their opponents. Later; they connected with their respective finishing moves to pick up the win.

Also, Brock Lesnar appeared to defend his title after controversies are going on about his absence from WWE Raw.

At MSG, he competed in a triple threat match against Kane and Braun Strowman. Quite expectedly, Lesnar pinned Kane to retain the championship.

Furthermore, The Bar tried to attack Strowman after the match. But, the monster was able to swat them away.